I have an announcement to make! 

Ten years ago, I self-published my first novel. It was a book (and later, a trilogy) that the writing of which changed my life. It was a work of passion, written for me more so than for an audience, and the first draft was hammered out in three short months. And let me tell you, I lived and breathed that manuscript those three months, and for the year and a half that followed while I wrote the rest of the trilogy.

Since that time I have learned SO MUCH about writing and publishing, how to tell a story, how to edit it, and how to market it. And throughout that time, I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to bring that novel and its sequels to Mirror World Publishing because I thought they were a great fit for our science-fiction/fantasy escapist themes. But I also knew they weren’t quite Mirror World quality. Not as they were, anyways.

So here’s my announcement. I have re-worked and re-written my young adult science fiction/fantasy series, Crimson Winter. I have re-edited the trilogy and had Robert re-edit them as well. We will be launching a brand new edition of the series starting this June with Vol. 1: Ruins of Sapphire.

I’ve also redone the cover. Here’s the new version:

cw1 copygem

And here’s the blurb:

The repeating Tuesdays are only the beginning…

When Japanese high school student Yukari Namikoya finds herself suddenly and inexplicably on another planet, she must quickly come to terms with the fact that she may never see Tokyo again. With a sun that never sets, the desert world of Crimson Winter is on the brink of extinction and day-to-day survival can be difficult; especially for someone used to the modern-day conveniences of Earth.

Following the only clue she has to a way home – a cryptic message from a woman long dead – Yukari heads into the desert searching for the Temple of Sapphire. There, she finds the temple in ruins, but what waits there for her is her destiny as a Chosen of the gem god Sapphiros.

Stranded on this new world and hunted by the Vile Emperor and his vast forces simply for being what she is, Yukari has no choice but to learn how to fulfill the role she’s been cast into and become the long-awaited saviour of a dangerous planet she doesn’t yet understand.


So if you’ve read Crimson Winter already, this is a great time to re-read the series and get yourself a copy for your collection and if you haven’t read it already, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. I wasn’t kidding when I said writing this book changed my life. It’s an epic story, with an epic adventure that will stay with you long after you turn the last page. So please, give my first book a try on its ten-year anniversary and pre-order it now, or pick up the ebook or paperback when it comes out June 18th, 2020.

Thank you for reading and see you on the other side!

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