It’s Launch Day! EXILE: Unreachable Skies, Vol. 2 by Karen McCreedy is here!

The much anticipated sequel to Unreachable Skies is finally here! In the first installment of this scifi/fantasy adventure we met Fate Seer Zarda and through her we learned of her people, the Drax, and the plague they had suffered which resulted in the next generation being born without wings. Now, the wingless and their dams... Continue Reading →

It’s Launch Day! Shelf Life by Rob Gregson is here!

Shelf Life: The Book of Better Endings by Rob Gregson launches worldwide today! You can order a copy wherever you buy books including, but not limited to, our online store,,,,,, and ect. Shelf Life is a mashup of literary genres, literally. The main character, Cathy Finn, is a young British... Continue Reading →

The Majestic by J.A. Dowsett – Part 6/9

Cruising along, the Majestic gave no indication of stopping or slowing as the small cargo vessel approached the rendezvous point. Static crackled over the newly installed comms system. “Nell, we have a problem.” Nell lazily reached her tail over to the comms control panel. “What’s the issue, Susan?”

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