The Majestic by J.A. Dowsett – part 3/9

If you're new to this story, best to start at part 1. Otherwise, please continue...  The hulking beast shuddered to life. Nell waited a beat or two, listening closely for any signs of malfunction. Not hearing anything other than the groan of vibrating metal, she nodded. So far, so good. No screams, no explosions in... Continue Reading →


It’s launch day! Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast by Regan W. H. Macaulay is HERE!!!

Aaaahhhh!!!! I'm so excited about the release of this book! First, it's beautiful. The art by Wei Lu is out of this world and the colours she chose are so vibrant and full of life. Next, it's clever. Regan W. H. Macaulay has written a children's picture book unlike any other I've ever seen. The... Continue Reading →

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