Everything you need to know to submit to us this November

Submission season here at Mirror World Publishing is almost upon us once again! Our general submissions period starts November 1st and ends December 24th at midnight. If you’re a writer of escapism fiction and you’re considering submitting to us, we urge you to take this time to go over our submission guidelines, familiarize yourself with... Continue Reading →

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We made it! Our novelette won a contest!

Back in May, Murandy and I we just finishing up Fatestorm (a novella we plan to include in the Far, Far Away Anthology) when we got word of a writing contest called Zombie Pirate Writing Week. Run by Zombie Pirate Publishing, the concept behind the contest was to plan, write, and edit a novelette of... Continue Reading →

Sandra Unerman’s Journey to Publication

My first MA, in Creative Writing, led me to a supportive network of other writers, including fellow participants in Clockhouse London Writers and the Middleoak Writing Group. The course also led directly to my two novels, Spellhaven and Ghosts and Exiles, which I am thrilled to have published by Mirror World.Some people would think that... Continue Reading →

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