It’s Launch Day! EXILE: Unreachable Skies, Vol. 2 by Karen McCreedy is here!

The much anticipated sequel to Unreachable Skies is finally here! In the first installment of this scifi/fantasy adventure we met Fate Seer Zarda and through her we learned of her people, the Drax, and the plague they had suffered which resulted in the next generation being born without wings. Now, the wingless and their dams... Continue Reading →

Mirror’s Deceit – Read the Prologue!

Read an excerpt from Mirror's Deceit here, then pick up your copy from our store to keep reading! We have ebooks and paperbacks available! No one was in the school’s Great Hall by the time Caralain reached it and there was no sign that the doors had been opened. Lifting the latch, she intended to... Continue Reading →

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