FAQ with Justine Alley Dowsett and The Mirror World Series

Welcome to our new blog series, FAQ, where we'll get authors to share their most frequently asked question while sharing an excerpt from their books AND where we will offer a discount on that book so you can check it out for yourself! Since this is my blog, I figured I would go first. My... Continue Reading →


It’s Launch Day! The Gimmal Ring by Karen Koski

She wants the ring and she wants it bad! Congratulations to Karen Koski on her first book! The Gimmal Ring is a middle grade adventure story with a humourous tone and some whacky twists and turns, set in Windsor-Essex, our home town! Here's the blurb: Gwendolyn Gimmal desperately wants an invitation to the mysterious Gimmal... Continue Reading →

The Majestic by J.A. Dowsett – Part 6/9

Cruising along, the Majestic gave no indication of stopping or slowing as the small cargo vessel approached the rendezvous point. Static crackled over the newly installed comms system. “Nell, we have a problem.” Nell lazily reached her tail over to the comms control panel. “What’s the issue, Susan?”

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