An Uncommon Journey

After releasing Unintended and Uncharted, I knew I wanted to write another novel set in the world of Ismera and I knew I wanted it to feature love letters written across an impossible distance during a time of war.  While I was between writing projects I came across the New Orleans Writer’s Residency and decided... Continue Reading →

It’s Launch Day! Uncommon by J.A. Dowsett & M. Damodred is here!

Do you like fairy tale romances? Would you write a love letter to a stranger? It's time to head back to the land of Ismera and fall in love with Rygal, the Jaram clan's most eligible bachelor. This new release by J.A. Dowsett and M. Damodred is now available in ebook and paperback form from... Continue Reading →

Reminder to all writers!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our upcoming contest. Writers, consider this your reminder to start writing or to polish that short story or novella you’re thinking of submitting to us. We start accepting entries May 15th and you have until June 30th to get those entries in to our fabulous judges: David McLain,... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from The Cassini Division

A few months ago, Zombie Pirate Publishing launched The Ringed Giant, a sci-fi/fantasy collection of novelettes centered around Saturn; the planet and the god. The Cassini Division, written by myself (J.A. Dowsett) and Murandy Damodred is one of those novelettes. You can order the book on amazon if you would like to read the entire... Continue Reading →

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