My Journey to Publication – J.A. Dowsett

This month I've asked a number of our authors to share their writing and publishing journeys with you, so I thought I should also share my own. The story of how Mirror World Publishing came to be is fairly well known at this point, so I've decided instead to write about my publishing dream and... Continue Reading →

Rita Monette’s Road to Publication

My Road to PublicationBy Rita Monette When I first began writing this post, I thought my writing journey began the day I retired, March 1, 2006, when I got the idea to write a children’s book as something fun to do in my retirement. And so, I enrolled in my first writing class, “Writing for... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to SELLING your Book(s)

Leading up to the holiday season, I’ve been attending a lot of Christmas Markets as a vendor and one thing that I have noticed is that selling books has its own set of challenges. I’m not a natural salesperson, I’m still learning and I suspect I always will be, but I’ve decided to share some... Continue Reading →

Bringing Books to Readers

As an author and a publisher, my number one goal is to connect books with readers who will love them. It’s not only what I do, but why I do what I do.  So I was very interested when I heard of an opportunity to donate books to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Windsor-Essex. You... Continue Reading →

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