We made it! Our novelette won a contest!

Back in May, Murandy and I we just finishing up Fatestorm (a novella we plan to include in the Far, Far Away Anthology) when we got word of a writing contest called Zombie Pirate Writing Week. Run by Zombie Pirate Publishing, the concept behind the contest was to plan, write, and edit a novelette of... Continue Reading →

Congratulations to all of our Winners!

Thank you again to all who entered and to our judges for their hard work and dedication. As the judges could tell you, this was not an easy decision to make. Something you should know about how we work here at Mirror World. Each year, we set out to publish 3-5 books and we usually... Continue Reading →

Anthology Contest: Extended Deadline

For some of us, being encouraged to stay home has resulted in a productive time creatively, but for others, the opposite is true. In recognition of the difficult and unprecedented times facing the world, we have decided to extend the deadline for entries into our Far, Far Away Anthology contest. You now have officially until... Continue Reading →

Meet the M|W Anthology Contest Judges!

I hope you're busy writing, or at least dreaming up your entry for the First (hopefully annual) Mirror World Anthology Contest because our submissions period is coming up fast! Starting June 1st, 2020 until July 30th, 2020, we'll be accepting entries for our Far, Far Away Anthology. You can find all of the details here. ... Continue Reading →

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