We Are Now Accepting Entries!

Mirror World Publishing's From Here to There Anthology Contest opens May 15th, 2022 and we will be accepting submissions until the end of June. What we’re looking for: Short stories and novellas ranging between 5000 to 25,000 words that are science fiction, fantasy, adventure, time travel, romance, or some combination of the above that focus... Continue Reading →

Get caught up with all things Mirror World!

As the world we all live in is starting to open up again, we're getting back out there. Starting tomorrow, Thursday May 12 through Saturday May 14th, Mirror World will be at the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario for the Staycation Expo. If you're local, come on out, say hi, and pick up a book... Continue Reading →

Reminder to all writers!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our upcoming contest. Writers, consider this your reminder to start writing or to polish that short story or novella you’re thinking of submitting to us. We start accepting entries May 15th and you have until June 30th to get those entries in to our fabulous judges: David McLain,... Continue Reading →

Writers… Start your Engines!

Here at Mirror World, we're gearing up to run our next contest! If you're a writer interested in joining the Mirror World Publishing family and seeing your work in print, now's the time to start sharpening your pencils and coming up with some great ideas. Contest opens May 15th, 2022 and we will be accepting... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Lands of Jade by J.A. Dowsett

Last month we released the third novella in the Nora Simeon Investigation series, The Demons of Chiyoda by Laurence Raphael Brothers, which you can now pick up in our store (or wherever you buy books, like *cougcough* Amazon). Now, we're pleased to announce that Vol. 2 of the Crimson Winter Trilogy will be re-released April... Continue Reading →

Picking things back up again

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. It just happens. Three years ago I spent a month in New Orleans at a writer's residency and it was a dream come true. I got to write every singe day and other than sightseeing and spending time with other writers, I had no other responsibilities. Every... Continue Reading →

Another birthday, another book

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned a year older, and I finished another first draft. In just over two and half months, I’m proud to be able to announce that Mirror’s Fate is complete at 96,500 words.  Murandy Damodred and I never expected to write another book in the Mirror World series, but life has... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: The Demons of Chiyoda

Yes, that's right, it's that time again. We're revealing the next cover in the Nora Simeon Investigations series by Laurence Raphael Brothers! This time, Nora and Eyre are off to Tokyo, Japan to solve a murder! Here's the cover: Occult private eye, Nora Simeon, and Eyre, her uncannily pretty boyfriend, are on another case on... Continue Reading →

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