Nuggets of Truth from M|W author David McLain

O.K., so we’ve all been at this for about six weeks now. Maybe you’re all right, and that’s great, or maybe you are having a little trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s all right too, because we’re going to get through this. Personally, I find inspiration in humor. So just in case your life could use a... Continue Reading →

It’s Launch Day! The Haunting near Battlefield Ridge by Rita Monette is here!

That's right! Book five in the amazing Nikki Landry Swamp Legends series is now available worldwide, wherever books are sold! If you haven't yet pre-ordered, you can order your copy today! And, if you're local to us here in Windsor, Ontario we'll deliver the book to your mailbox at no additional cost. All you have... Continue Reading →

Where to find us… April 2019

The easiest and best way to get your hands on a mirror world book, ebook or paperback, is to go through our online store. We've adjusted our shipping rates to accurately reflect the weight of your order, we can process whatever currency you are ordering in, and we accept paypal! What's more, if you are... Continue Reading →

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