Coming in 2023: The Demons of Montmartre by Laurence Raphael Brothers

If you're just joining us, we've been announcing our upcoming releases for 2023. Last week, we announced the upcoming anthology From Here to There, featuring the winning stories from our novella and short story contest in 2022. And the week before that, we announced the release of the final volume of Crimson Winter: City of... Continue Reading →

Coming in 2023: From Here to There; a Mirror World Anthology

Lat week we announced the upcoming launch of Volume 3 of Crimson Winter: City of Ruby by J.A. Dowsett. This week, we're pleased to announce the upcoming release of our second anthology. Featuring the seven winning short stories and novella from the contest we ran in 2022, From Here to There is a collection that... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to US!

Mirror World is NINE now, can you believe it? Back in 2014 when we first started this crazy adventure, it was just Murandy Damodred and myself with Mirror's Hope, the first book in our Mirror Worlds series, Joshua Pantalleresco with The Watcher, Matthew Freake's Forbidden and Adam Gaylord's Sol of the Coliseum. Now, there are... Continue Reading →

An Uncommon Journey

After releasing Unintended and Uncharted, I knew I wanted to write another novel set in the world of Ismera and I knew I wanted it to feature love letters written across an impossible distance during a time of war.  While I was between writing projects I came across the New Orleans Writer’s Residency and decided... Continue Reading →

An Uncommon Sale

Hello readers, Last week, we released the cover for Uncommon by J.A. Dowsett and M. Damodred, our upcoming fantasy romance release. If you're as excited for this release as I am, I have good news for you! From now until the launch on September 17th, when you pre-order either a paperback or ebook version of... Continue Reading →

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