The Adventures of Flower Girl by HL Carpenter – Part 1

Hello and welcome to another serial short story! This time, we're pleased to introduce you to HL Carpenter, the writing duo behind the middle grade mystery; The Ghost in the Gardens. This short story is bonus material from that book. So without further ado:  The leaf was as long as my palm and as light... Continue Reading →


The Majestic by J.A. Dowsett – Part 8/9

If you somehow missed this story until now, you can find part 1 here. Otherwise, I assume you are ready to continue...  It was not a mining colony that Captain Droon directed them to, but a small space station in orbit of a planet in Rodri, a Jorn system. “Permission to dock at Docking Bay... Continue Reading →

The Majestic by J.A. Dowsett – Part 6/9

Cruising along, the Majestic gave no indication of stopping or slowing as the small cargo vessel approached the rendezvous point. Static crackled over the newly installed comms system. “Nell, we have a problem.” Nell lazily reached her tail over to the comms control panel. “What’s the issue, Susan?”

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