Niches in Freelancing by Joshua Pantalleresco, M|W Author

Sometimes the thing you want is right in front of you. Since I started freelancing I realized that the key to me staying a freelancer was finding my niche. Niches are important. Trying to do everything more often than not leads to doing nothing. But what would that niche be? My ultimate goal was to... Continue Reading →

Rita Monette’s Road to Publication

My Road to PublicationBy Rita Monette When I first began writing this post, I thought my writing journey began the day I retired, March 1, 2006, when I got the idea to write a children’s book as something fun to do in my retirement. And so, I enrolled in my first writing class, “Writing for... Continue Reading →

Sandra Unerman’s Journey to Publication

My first MA, in Creative Writing, led me to a supportive network of other writers, including fellow participants in Clockhouse London Writers and the Middleoak Writing Group. The course also led directly to my two novels, Spellhaven and Ghosts and Exiles, which I am thrilled to have published by Mirror World.Some people would think that... Continue Reading →

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