Where My Ideas Come From

"Where do you get your ideas?" I get this question all the time. People don't understand how I have written over ten books and how I keep coming up with ideas for more. Ideas though, are the easy part. And not just for books, I also get ideas for short stories, video games, board games,... Continue Reading →


5 drinks to enjoy while writing!

Most people seem to have a preference when it comes to tea vs. coffee, or even hot beverages vs. cold ones. I happen to like all of the above and I am always looking for variety and new things to try. So whether you like coffee or tea, hot or cold, there will probably be... Continue Reading →

Big News for 2019!

As promised, we’ll be announcing our 2019 line-up of new titles over the next few weeks, alternating those announcements with our weekly serial short story, HL Carpenter’s The Adventures of Flower Girl. So next week you can look forward to reading all about Karen Koski’s upcoming middle grade urban fantasy, The Gimmal Ring, launching March... Continue Reading →

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