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At Mirror World, we’re all about the setting, so here’s a glimpse into a few of the worlds you can visit within our books:disenchanted-2 copy

  1. Historic Wethersfield, CT

The small tourist town of Wethersfield, Connecticut is the setting of Leigh Goff’s Disenchanted. Filled with magic spells, witches, curses, ancient family heirlooms and haunting prophecies, Wethersfield is the perfect place for the occult enthusiast. Oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers in Sophie’s aunt’s garden, or sample some of her fantastic home cooking.Cover SDOD4

2. The Kingdom of Dorlith

Elizabeth J.M. Walker’s She Dreamed of Dragons is set in the magical kingdom of Dorlith. Dorlith is home to magic-users of all kinds and cats. Lots of cats. Enroll yourself in Mage Academy, or dance your way to the palace and sign up to compete in the Royal Tourney. Either way, you’ll have a blast, learn a lot, and maybe, just maybe, end up the next heir to the throne!


3. Crimson Winter

Officially the planet has no name, but the desert world of the Crimson Winter Trilogy, by yours truly, is certainly a unique place to visit if I do say so myself. Accessible only through the magic of the gods, this planet has gone eight hundred years without seeing the setting of the sun. Water is scarce, and so is shelter, with the majority of the population, the self-named, Roughlanders, living in ancient military outposts and surviving by means of trade caravans from Taiyou, one of the few remaining fertile areas.

ncbook4. Neo Central

A look into the city of the future! In the world of Neo Central, again by yours truly, only one city remains after the collapse of modern society. This city is a marvel of technology and magic, but it isn’t meant for everyone. Those who can’t feel the city’s current and access the magic it uses to run itself are treated as outcasts and left to live in the ancient ruins of York Slums, or in the dangerous catacombs beneath the city; the Tunnels.

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Here’s just a few of the many worlds you can discover:

  1. tltkataoa-500Atlantis

If time travel is your thing, you should definitely check out Sharon Ledwith’s The Last Timekeepers Time Travel Series. In it, Atlantis is the central locale the timekeepers visit before each mission through a weathered stone arch that is actually a time portal. Through the Arch of Atlantis, a team of quirky kids and two adult chaperones visit Sherwood Forest among other places and times to keep the evil Belial from messing with history.



2. The Bayou

The talented author/artist Rita Monette takes us to the bayou with her Nikki Landry Swamp Legends Series. See what it’s like to be a kid living in a houseboat on the wrong side of the levee and follow Nikki and her beagle Snooper on their wild adventures through the swamps of Louisiana.

Black Lightning Cover Final



  1. Hearth

Just this year, the award-winning K.S. Jones released her book, Black Lightning. In it, you’ll discover Arizona through the eyes of a grief-stricken ten year old boy. From there, you’ll travel with Samuel to the alien land of Heath which exists somewhere beyond the veil of the mysterious phenomenon known as ‘black lightning.’

TNSCovertestwhitened copy


  1. Small town, middle of nowhere Canada, where Vampires are real?!

Yes, that’s right. In our newest release, This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J. M. Walker, the dead walk, talk and bite people. Otherwise, it’s just highschool as usual with the former nerd girl Lana, her crush-of-a-lifetime Pete, and her uber-annoying-stalker, a vampire hunter named Alan.

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