Death takes the Highway by David McLain – Part 5

Find Part One here. Find David McLain here. Find his novel, The Time Traveller's Resort and Museum here. Then keep reading... The room they stayed in had been a smoking room at one point, and still smelled faintly of cigarettes. They watched an old movie on television, and went to bed relatively early. At two... Continue Reading →


Death Takes the Highway by David McLain – Part One

You may recall us featuring some short stories. Here's a quick list to where you can find them: The Hunting Dog by Rita Monette The Queen's Intent by Justine Alley Dowsett The Arranged Marriage by Justine Alley Dowsett The Eye of the Storm by Justine Dowsett And now, we bring you Death takes the Highway... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Storm – Part 2

I pushed away from them, trying not to look like I was fleeing, and soon found myself at the opposite end of the L-shaped bar. “What can I get you?” The bartender, a pudgy bearded man with an obvious beer-belly, questioned.     “Uh, rum and coke,” I said the first drink combination my mind could... Continue Reading →

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