Only 10 days left to enter!

You read that right, you only have ten days left to enter our novella and short story contest! Entry form can be found here: Remember, we're looking for short stories and novella between 5000 words and 25,000 words that focus on a journey, quest or travel between one place or realm and another. As... Continue Reading →

Reminder to all writers!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our upcoming contest. Writers, consider this your reminder to start writing or to polish that short story or novella you’re thinking of submitting to us. We start accepting entries May 15th and you have until June 30th to get those entries in to our fabulous judges: David McLain,... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: Far, Far Away Anthology

In a land far, far away… In a distant galaxy… Once upon a time… These are all ways to begin fantastical tales of love and adventure. Gateways into the realms of imagination. In this anthology, we bring together authors from all over this world to transport you into the worlds they’ve created. Travel through space... Continue Reading →

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