Plotters, Pantsers, and Plantsers? Oh My! This week's episode of M/W News focuses on plotting and pantsing. But what do these terms mean? Plotters: Plot Plan first Research Stay Organized Keep Notes Pantsers: Write on the fly Roleplay Create intuitively Improvise Keep Mental Notes  

The importance of being organized

I've always found scheduling and organizing to be a challenge. It's probably because I'm really not a planner. Most things, including my day-to-day schedule exist in my head, or on little scraps of paper when I choose to jot something down. However, since I became an entrepreneur I've had to do more in the way... Continue Reading →

Sharon Ledwith on Planning your Story…

The Plotter vs. Pantser debate continues... I've invited Sharon Ledwith, author of the Last Timekeepers Time Travel series and the upcoming Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls series, both for teens. Sharon is a planner, unlike me, so here's her take: Here’s the deal. As a writer, I used to struggle with the question of whether... Continue Reading →

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