Cover Reveal: Far, Far Away Anthology

In a land far, far away… In a distant galaxy… Once upon a time… These are all ways to begin fantastical tales of love and adventure. Gateways into the realms of imagination. In this anthology, we bring together authors from all over this world to transport you into the worlds they’ve created. Travel through space... Continue Reading →

The Contest Deadline is fast approaching!

But we’re still accepting entries for our Far, Far Away Anthology Contest from now until August 31st, 2020. Please, if you have a novella or short story in the range of 5000 to 25000 words that’s set in another time, place, galaxy, version of reality or somewhere equally unique, get it to our judges before... Continue Reading →

Anthology Contest: Extended Deadline

For some of us, being encouraged to stay home has resulted in a productive time creatively, but for others, the opposite is true. In recognition of the difficult and unprecedented times facing the world, we have decided to extend the deadline for entries into our Far, Far Away Anthology contest. You now have officially until... Continue Reading →

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