M|W Anthology Contest is OPEN! Accepting entries NOW!

If you're ready to submit your short story, novellette, or novella, and want to be walked through the entry process, follow this link: Complete the Entry Form If this is the first time you're hearing about this contest, please find all the details on what we're looking for here.  If you're interested in who's judging... Continue Reading →

Put your thinking caps on – M|W Contest Opens Soon!

You may remember a few months back we mentioned that we were considering running a contest and creating the first ever Mirror World Anthology, well it’s happening! Here are the details: We will be accepting submissions between June 1st and July 31st and this contest is open to writers worldwide with no restrictions on who... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Storm – Part 3

“Nice to meet you, Summer,” Victor echoed my words from earlier, then turned back toward the bar. “Hey, Howe!” He called out, raising his head and his glass in search of the bartender. “Can I get another one of these?” Curiously, ‘Howe’ was nowhere to be seen. I shrugged, about to use this opportunity to escape... Continue Reading →

Eye of the Storm, Part 1

Remember that opening I shared as an example of how openings are hard to write? (You can read about that here.) Well, with two books currently in the works, I have no plans to do anything about the sci-fi novella I started, so... I thought I would share it with you. If you like this opening bit,... Continue Reading →

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