The Repeating Tuesdays – Part 1

In celebration of the re-release of my YA science fiction fantasy trilogy Crimson Winter, I've decided to share the first chapter of Volume One: Ruins of Sapphire with you. Here's part one. You can find the ebook and the paperback ON SALE in our online store! Tuesday... again? I woke up to the alarm on... Continue Reading →

Neo Central by J.A. Dowsett – Part 1 of 2

I'm currently out of short stories, so I thought I would share Chapter 1, or in this case the Prologue, of Neo Central with you. Neo Central was the first book I self-published. A futuristic sci-fi/dystopia, Neo Central is the story of two young teens who travel to the last remaining city to find out... Continue Reading →

Would you like a free sample?

Over the weekend we were in Toronto at the Word on the Street Festival and I discovered just how refreshing it was to know that nearly every person who stopped by our booth was already a self-professed reader. Typically at craft shows, conventions, or even our own events, it’s a mix of different types of... Continue Reading →

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