A Personal Update

Last week we posted a mid-year update on all of Mirror World’s ongoing projects, letting you know what’s still going on and what books are coming soon which you can find here.  For this post I thought I would give you a personal update on my projects, including those I’m working on with my sister... Continue Reading →

Some words of encouragement from author Brittni Brinn

If Getting to Your Main Creative Medium is a Challenge Right Now For some reason, I had a really hard time sitting down to read or write anything those first couple weeks of self-quarantine. Instead, I craved art. I made art, I studied art, I went through all my craft supplies. I sketched characters from... Continue Reading →

Nuggets of Truth from M|W author David McLain

O.K., so we’ve all been at this for about six weeks now. Maybe you’re all right, and that’s great, or maybe you are having a little trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s all right too, because we’re going to get through this. Personally, I find inspiration in humor. So just in case your life could use a... Continue Reading →

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