Love is in the Air…

Yes, I know I'm a little late, but in honour of Valentine's Day earlier this week, I just thought I would remind you that romance is one of our many genres. We like to mix our romance with a little escapism, but we love a good love story. So if you're looking for a romantic... Continue Reading →

My Writing Ritual

This past Sunday Sharon Ledwith and I were selling books at a local vendor show and, as usual, talking about writing. I asked her what her writing habits were like. How often she writes in a week, and when and what her process is. It go me thinking… what’s my writing ritual?  Well as you... Continue Reading →

Introducing Warren A. Shepherd!

Picking out the one or two authors we want to work with among the many submissions we receive grows more and more difficult each year. This year was no exception. But I’m pleased to announce that we have a new addition to the Mirror World family joining us in 2022 and his name is Warren... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Bio with J.A. Dowsett

We’ve gone beyond the bio with David McLain, Sharon Ledwith, and Karen McCreedy, among others, so I guess now it’s my turn! I’m Justine Alley Dowsett, owner of Mirror World Publishing and the author of over ten books and novellas, most of which are available in our store, here. But let’s go beyond the bio,... Continue Reading →

Sharing the Results – Part 2

Last post we started sharing the results of our Market Survey. Here's the rest of what we learned: The majority of our readers, or at least the ones online, prefer young adult and adult books. They prefer some heat to their romance... And they shop either online through Amazon, or in person at a physical... Continue Reading →

Sharing the Results… Part 1

Of Mirror World Publishing's 2022 Market Survey. As you may already be aware, we're still in the middle of submission season here at Mirror World. That means we're still reading through the many submission packages being sent to us - thank you by the way - and that means we're super busy. Even still, I... Continue Reading →

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