Joshua Pantalleresco’s ‘Rules’ of Writing – Part 1

I said yes to this without thinking really. I thought, “sure, do another blog to shamelessly promote my books.”  Seems like a good idea.  Only looking at the whole topic and thinking about it for a second, I came to a horrifying thought. I'm the one talking about rules in writing?  Me?  You sure?  Alright.... Continue Reading →


Rita Monette’s 10 rules of writing

After such great enthusiasm over my post: My 10 rules of writing I decided to see if any of our authors had writing rules they live by. Rita Monette, the middle-grade author of The Legend of Ghost Dog Island and The Curse at Pirate's Cove was very quick to respond, so I figure she knows what... Continue Reading →

My 10 rules of writing…

In no particular order: Write for you, not 'the market'. Write what you love, then look for readers when you're finished. Put yourself in the scene. Live it, experience it firsthand, then write it. Know your world- spend as much time in it as possible. You need to know your world and the people in... Continue Reading →

Meet Elizabeth from Mirror’s Hope!

Instead of talking to the main character, I’ve decided to do something a little different with our character interview for this month's featured book. Meet Elizabeth Calanais, Mirena Calanais’ quirky and at times caustic twin sister from Mirror’s Hope. Hello, Elizabeth. Thanks for joining us! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit... Continue Reading →

How to submit to a publisher

To submit to a publisher you will need: A Query Letter A Synopsis The First Few Chapters of your COMPLETED manuscript We've talked about Query Letters, but what about the 'synopsis' you're asked to include with your submission package? A synopsis is a succinct summary of your novel. It should include the setting, the main... Continue Reading →

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