Your invitation to Worlds Collide Gala

Adam Giles, the host of our YouTube series Mirror World News, helped me make a video to tell all of you about our upcoming gala! In case you're not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet (which is right here!!), I thought I would post the video here as well! Our YouTube series, Mirror World... Continue Reading →


M|W News: How to write an engaging opening

I’ve been reading a lot of submissions lately. To put that into perspective, that’s a lot of reading the first three chapters of books and deciding what works and what doesn’t and if the manuscript I’m looking at has the potential I’m looking for. The one thing I’ve been noticing lately that really makes or... Continue Reading →

How to submit to a publisher

To submit to a publisher you will need: A Query Letter A Synopsis The First Few Chapters of your COMPLETED manuscript We've talked about Query Letters, but what about the 'synopsis' you're asked to include with your submission package? A synopsis is a succinct summary of your novel. It should include the setting, the main... Continue Reading →

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