FAQ Series with Sharon Ledwith and The Last Timekeepers!

The FAQ series continues! This time I asked Sharon Ledwith, author of the young adult time travel series, The Last Timekeepers and the teen psychic mystery series, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, what question she gets asked the most when people find out she's an author. Here's what she had to say:  Where can I... Continue Reading →


FAQ with Joshua Pantalleresco and The Watcher series

I asked Josh what question he gets asked the most about his trilogy. Here's what he said: So the first question I always get is did you draw that? Then I spend a few minutes talking about how amazing Florence Chan is.  Florence is still to date one of the most professional people I've worked... Continue Reading →

Featuring: Joshua Pantalleresco!

As you know, July's feature is The Watcher series by Joshua Pantalleresco. This means, you can pick up The Watcher, or its sequel, Stormdancer for only $0.99 all month long! Use code: DRAGON in our store! This is a real bargain, considering both books are a unique blend of science-fiction, poetry and graphic art that... Continue Reading →

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