FAQ with Joshua Pantalleresco and The Watcher series

I asked Josh what question he gets asked the most about his trilogy. Here's what he said: So the first question I always get is did you draw that? Then I spend a few minutes talking about how amazing Florence Chan is.  Florence is still to date one of the most professional people I've worked... Continue Reading →


5 drinks to enjoy while writing!

Most people seem to have a preference when it comes to tea vs. coffee, or even hot beverages vs. cold ones. I happen to like all of the above and I am always looking for variety and new things to try. So whether you like coffee or tea, hot or cold, there will probably be... Continue Reading →

Where to find us… April 2019

The easiest and best way to get your hands on a mirror world book, ebook or paperback, is to go through our online store. We've adjusted our shipping rates to accurately reflect the weight of your order, we can process whatever currency you are ordering in, and we accept paypal! What's more, if you are... Continue Reading →

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