It’s Cover Reveal Time! From Here To There; A Mirror World Anthology

Last summer we ran a contest looking for stories and novellas featuring journeys, quests, travel, portals and the spaces between as a follow up to our first anthology, Far, Far Away. This anthology, titled From Here to There features seven stories from the imaginations of seven talented authors.

Here is the cover:

Journeys, space travel, time travel, quests, spaces in between, portals…

In this second volume in the Far, Far Away series, we’ve gathered together the words of seven authors who’ve had the courage to explore the furthest reaches of reality.

Slip between the layers of space and time to discover what lives in the pockets. Find love in the most unexpected of ways and watch it thrive across the tapestry of history. March with the soldiers of a forgotten kingdom as they travel on foot and question the value of life and the hereafter. Then meet the gods and journey with them to correct the timeline of the mortal realm.

In this collection, you’ll get stuck in a time loop you won’t want to leave, experience the revival of an impossible connection between man and machine, and meet the aliens who will make portal-hopping possible in the near future.

So pack your bags for an epic journey and enjoy the trip… From Here to There

Included in the Anthology:

“Embedding” by Elana Gomel

“The Impossible Man” by Kelly D. Holmes

“The Repositioning March” by Buddy Young

“Industrial Honey” by Rhiannon Lotze

“Night Music” by Jane Lupino

“From Above” by Roy Sarkar

“The Harajuku Crevasse” by Taylor Calder.

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