2023 Upcoming Releases: FULL LIST

Over the last month or so, we’ve announced our upcoming new releases for 2023, one book at a time. In case you missed any of the announcements, here they all are in one list INCLUDING their respective launch dates:

This year, our focus is on science-fantasy, and the intersection between these two genres. There’s also a common theme between all of our upcoming releases for this year and that’s hope. As I’m sure you’re aware, our mission here at Mirror World is to provide an escape from reality, but equally important to us is the idea that our stories provide glimpses into other worlds, other possible ways to exist. So this year, we’d like to focus on a hope for a better, different way forward.

First up, we have City of Ruby, the third and final volume in the Crimson Winter trilogy by yours truly. In this volume, Yukari travels to the city of her enemy to find the secrets he’s been guarding for a millennia to try and stop the real threat the to desert planet of Crimson Winter.

Then, we’re releasing our second Anthology of short stories and novellas by our seven contest winners; From Here to There. This collection’s theme is ‘journey over destination’ and includes stories featuring portals, time travel, space travel, marching on foot, and slipping through the realms to spaces in between.

After that, you can look forward to the fourth installment of the Nora Simeon Investigates novella series by Laurence Raphael Brothers; The Demons of Montmartre. Nora Simeon, Eyre, and Martha are back for another demon-themed adventure in various financial districts across the world.

Then in the fall, we’re excited to bring you the unexpected fifth and final book in the Mirror World Series, Mirror’s Fate by Murandy Damodred and Justine Alley Dowsett. Armed with the memories of his alternate lives, Tendro Seynor is ready to alter his future and that of both worlds. Can he truly make a difference this time?

Lastly, we’re proud to be adding another new addition to the Mirror World family. Please join me in welcoming LP Mills and his upcoming novel, It Hurts Every Time. A retro-futuristic detective story that asks what does a utopia look like and is it something that is possible to achieve?

Thank you for reading and we’d appreciate it if you could help share the word about these upcoming releases and keep an eye out for them when they launch. Your support means the world to us and our authors. Here’s to the rest of 2023!


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got 2023 covered with more amazing books for readers to escape in! Congrats to Mirror World Publishing and to the roster of authors getting published this year! Cheers!

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