Coming up in 2023: It Hurts Every Time by LP Mills

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If you’ve been following along this month, we’ve been announcing our upcoming new releases for 2023. We’ve already announced the following:

Crimson Winter Vol. 3: City of Ruby by J.A. Dowsett

Nora Simeon Investigations Vol. 4: The Demons of Montmartre by Laurence Raphael Brothers

Far, Far Away Vol. 2: From Here to There, a Mirror World Anthology

Mirror Worlds Vol. 5: Mirror’s Fate by Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred

Click on the links above to learn more about these upcoming titles.

And now, we’re pleased to be able to announce a new addition to the Mirror World family; LP Mills!

Please join us in congratulating LP Mills on his upcoming novel: It Hurts Every Time.

It Hurts Every Time follows Pluto Garcia, a representative for the Community Militia of Morrissette, a post-communist city-state in an adjacent reality where a pharmaceutical known as Repodimethyltryptamine has advanced enough to allow the dying a second chance at life by leaping into the nearest available universe in which they are still alive. Pluto is tasked with investigating the death of Krishna Klein, a brilliant but troubled philanthropist who has been found with a bullet in his head following a week-long bender. With the aid of his partner Esther Dupont, Pluto uncovers a techno-fascistic plot to plunge Morrissette into authoritarian control once and for all, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

LP Mills has a joint BA in English and American Literature and Creative Writing with first class honours from the University of Kent, where he studied under the novelist Scarlett Thomas. His work as a journalist has been published by LeftLion Magazine, Upside Down Shark Magazine, and the Thanet Times, and his short gothic horror story Ms. Gemima Strench and the Cephalophore of Hecate Hall has been adapted by Hawk and Cleaver into a radio play available for download on Spotify. He has also self-published a recent speculative fiction identification guide for fantastical flora and fungi, titled The Multiversal Garden and published under my pseudonym at Sealight Studios.

It Hurts Every Time will launch later in 2023, please follow this blog, or sign up for our newsletter for updates.


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