Coming in 2023: From Here to There; a Mirror World Anthology

Lat week we announced the upcoming launch of Volume 3 of Crimson Winter: City of Ruby by J.A. Dowsett. This week, we’re pleased to announce the upcoming release of our second anthology. Featuring the seven winning short stories and novella from the contest we ran in 2022, From Here to There is a collection that focuses on the journey. What to we mean by that? Well, this volume in our Far, Far Away series features travel via portals, spaceships, magic, and on foot through time, space and reality. It literally has it all.

In no particular order, the stories included are listed below:

Embedding by Elana Gomel

The Harajuku Crevasse by Taylor Calder

The Repositioning March by Buddy Young

From Above by Roy Sarkar

Night Music by Jane Lupino

The Impossible Man by Kelly D. Holmes

Industrial Honey by Rhiannon Lotze

More details to follow on the stories themselves and the talented authors behind them, so follow this blog or sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed.


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