Mirror World Submissions open in ONE WEEK!

Attention writers: we will be accepting manuscript submissions of novels and novellas between October 1st and November 30th, 2022. If you’ve written a novel between 25,000 words and 125,000 words that fits our definition of escapism, we would like to see it. Please review our submission guidelines below or on our website, and if you think your manuscript would be a good fit send us a query and a one-page synopsis, along with the first three chapters. We promise to read and review it and respond within six to eight weeks with feedback and suggestions on what steps you can take next.

Here are some questions to consider if you’re considering submitting to us:

Is your manuscript what we would call ‘Escapism Fiction’ ?

By that we mean it has a focus on worldbuilding and is either set somewhere interesting or contains elements of magic or science. Think time travel, portals to other worlds, paranormal events, made-up worlds, other planets, alternate histories, futuristic settings, space, under the sea… you get the idea.

Does your manuscript fall within the genres we’re looking for?

We’ve included a helpful list of genres on our submissions page. Does your manuscript contain elements of any of the genres listed? We especially like stories that blend multiple genres together or break tropes and do something unexpected. Perhaps even more importantly, please make sure your manuscript doesn’t fall squarely onto the list of genres we’re NOT looking for.

Does your manuscript fit our length requirements?

If you novella is under 25,000 words, it’s probably not long enough to stand on it own. If your novel is over 125,000 words, then printing it would not be cost effective for us. That being said, consider whether you would be willing or able to lengthen your novella or cut down your novel’s word count to fit within the requirements during the editing process. If so, we may still be able to consider your manuscript.

Are you looking to work with a small press?

We are a well-established publishing house, but we’re not one of the big ones. We have a small staff and a limited reach. We do ask and expect our authors to work with us to market their books. That being said, we offer a partnership and split royalties equally with our authors. We also ensure that our authors have a lot of say in the process of producing their books. We want you to enter into this partnership knowing all the facts, so feel free to reach out if you have questions.

That’s all for now! Submissions open in ONE WEEK so start reading those guidelines, polishing your manuscripts and writing your queries. We have lots of tips and trick on this blog and on our YouTube channel if you need help with that and we look forward to reading your submissions this fall!

You can find the full submission guidelines here: https://mirrorworldpublishing.com/submissions


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