Uncommon Launch, Anthology Announcement, and Upcoming Submissions: An Update

Hello readers, writers and fans! As you can see from the title of this blog post, we’ve got a lot going on here at Mirror World Publishing right now and I’m here to get you caught up.

First up, our next book launches September 17th, 2022. Uncommon by J.A. Dowsett and M. Damodred is a fantasy romance adventure set in the world of Ismera and is currently available for pre-order. Also, when you pre-order this book from our store between now and the launch date, you can add an ebook of your choice to your cart for free! The discount will be applied automatically, so go ahead and pick out a book you would like to try and we’ll send it to you while you wait for the release of Uncommon. See the list of ebooks you can choose from here.

Then, on September 18th, you can come out and pick up some books in person at Open Streets Windsor. We will be downtown for the Arts Fair portion of Open Streets from 10 am to 2 pm, so come out and see us. We’ll be selling books, signing copies of Uncommon, and offering free pocket books so you can hang out and read for a bit!

Next up, I know some of you are waiting for the results of our From Here to There Anthology contest, and I just wanted to let you know the announcement of the winners is coming. We’re currently just finalizing the last of the contracts and as soon as they are signed, I will make the announcement. For now all I can say is we’re going to have seven fantastic stories that will transport you to different times, places, and realities. This book will launch next summer, so stay tuned for more details.

And finally, for the writers among you, it’s almost submission season! We’ll be updating our submissions guidelines in the coming weeks and our general submissions for novels will be open from October 1st to November 30th. You can find tips and helpful advice here on this blog or by checking out our YouTube channel. Though, when in doubt, the best advice I can give you is FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES! Sorry for shouting, but it really is that important. We’re looking forward to reading your submissions starting October 1st, but please don’t send them before then or we will not review them.


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  1. Woohoo! Lots going on in Mirror World’s neck of the woods! Looking forward to everything. All the best with your plans for the new fall season! Cheers!

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