Cover Reveal: Sex, Bugs & UFOs by Warren A. Shepherd

Are you ready for one man’s adventure through the stars? Yes, aliens DO exist and UFO enthusiast, Dave Morrissey, is about to get a crash course on the vast universe we all live in!

Please join me in congratulating Warren A. Shepherd on his upcoming debut novel! Here is the cover:

Abandoned by his mum at the age of seven, former UFO investigator, Dave Morrissey, is coerced back into business to investigate a cold case that’s suddenly gotten hotter with the death of an old woman in a nursing home. As the questions begin piling up about her peculiar past, Morrissey must reluctantly enlist the aid of a shifty tabloid journalist with surprising insights into all things otherworldly.

Together, they uncover clues that paint a target on Morrissey’s back big enough to attract the sights of an unstable UFO conspiracy theorist, a cunning galactic bounty hunter, and a vicious terrorist for hire with nefarious designs on the secrets hidden in his DNA.

Morrissey’s desperate quest for the truth launches him from the grey streets of London, across the stars, and deep into the heart of an intergalactic mystery that will turn the idea of who he is and where he belongs in the universe on its head.

All Morrissey wants to do is find his way home but in space, no one can hear you whinge…

ISBN: 978-1987976892

ISBN-10: 1987976892


Publisher: ‎ Mirror World Publishing; 1st edition

Publisher Website:

Publication Date: ‎ July 17, 2022

Print Length: ‎ 348 pages

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Warren A. Shepherd was seven when he first realized the world didn’t fit him quite right. Two sizes too big or two sizes too small, he couldn’t be sure. But having been transported from the streets of London, England to the streets of Toronto, Canada at such a young age left him with a profound sense of alienation — a boy with one foot in each world yet belonging in neither. The experience, however, did sharpen his sense of self-awareness and made him a keen observer of the human (and not-so-human) condition. 

When he sees what humankind is capable of, both the good and the bad, he imagines how we would cope amongst the stars and is driven to tell stories of strange new worlds to try to explain the one that he often cannot. 

After all, it takes an alien to know an alien… 

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  1. What a great cover! LOVE IT! Congrats to Warren and Mirror World Publishing on this unique and colourful cover! Cheers and all the best for the July release!

    Liked by 1 person

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