Get caught up with all things Mirror World!

As the world we all live in is starting to open up again, we’re getting back out there. Starting tomorrow, Thursday May 12 through Saturday May 14th, Mirror World will be at the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario for the Staycation Expo. If you’re local, come on out, say hi, and pick up a book while you’re at it. There’s lots to see and do in Windsor, but if you’re looking for an escape, we’re more than happy to help you with that.

Then on Sunday, May 15th, we begin accepting entries to our 2022 short story and novella contest: From Here to There. Details on what we’re looking for and how to enter can be found here. Or in our store, here.

The other thing I wanted to let you all know about is that we’ve confirmed one more release for this year. My novel, Uncommon, will be launching September 17th, 2022. Set in the Ismeran world, like Uncharted and Unintended before it, Uncommon is its own brand of fairy tale. Here’s the description:

Would you write a love letter to a stranger?

Rygal Saline has always stood in his sister’s shadow. As heir to the Clan Chief, Rhea has been trained in the art of leadership and warfare. Rygal is just, well, Rygal. 

After several years away at a College in Ismera, Rygal returns to Jaram for his father’s funeral only to find a letter from his sister. She’s gone, she’s sorry, and she expects him to take her place as the next clan chief. Never envisioning a place for himself within the clan, let alone taking on the responsibilities of leadership, Rygal finds himself alone and out of his depth.  

Desperate for companionship and for someone he can turn to for help, he writes a letter to every eligible maiden on the continent, hoping to find a wife. The letters travel far and wide. Most are rejected until an accident of fate sends Rygal’s letters into the hands of two women for whom they were never intended, setting in motion a plot that threatens to bring all of Clan Jaram to the brink of war.

So keep an eye out for this upcoming new release, as well as the cover reveal coming in August of this year!

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