Picking things back up again

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing. It just happens.

Three years ago I spent a month in New Orleans at a writer’s residency and it was a dream come true. I got to write every singe day and other than sightseeing and spending time with other writers, I had no other responsibilities. Every day I was there I walked to a little cafe called The Orange Couch, ordered a Thai Iced Tea and spent hours working on my manuscript. After 28 days of this, I had a whole first draft. As I said, dream come true, right?

So what happened to that manuscript? Well, I’m still working on it.

Some time after the residency, I won a contest with a part and the prize was a professional content edit. I sent the manuscript to the editor and she sent it back with notes… and then the pandemic struck.

I don’t know about you, but for me creativity went out the window for a while. When it came back, I worked on other projects, novellas mainly, because I just didn’t have the energy or the thick skin needed to tackle editing. It’s been a while getting that back and I’m still working on it.

That being said, I’ve recently picked up that manuscript I wrote in New Orleans again. I’ve tackled the editor’s notes and I’m working on rewrites. The next draft is about 2/3 done.

The point is sometimes we have to put things down for a little while. Sometimes we have to focus on easier tasks until we can work back up to the hard ones. And that’s okay.

So to anyone who is struggling to create, be kind to yourself. If it’s time off you need, take it. That writing project will still be there when you are ready to come back to it.

I’ll keep you posted, but my goal is to see Uncommon, another Ismeran adventure, ready to release later this year.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Picking things back up again

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  1. Wonderful advice, Justine. We sometimes need life to unfold before we can move forward. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Uncommon! So excited! Cheers!

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