My Writing Ritual

This past Sunday Sharon Ledwith and I were selling books at a local vendor show and, as usual, talking about writing. I asked her what her writing habits were like. How often she writes in a week, and when and what her process is. It go me thinking… what’s my writing ritual? 

Well as you probably already know, I often write with my sister, Murandy Damodred. So I guess you could say it is our writing ritual. Currently we have a set day each week, Sunday, where we gather to work on our latest project, which right now is Mirror’s Fate – book 5 in the Mirror Worlds series. We also write, sometimes remotely, on other days of the week if we have time, or if we have other plans that end up cancelled for whatever reason. 

We almost always write in the evening, after supper, until about 10:30pm. Sometimes the start time is even later, if we have to wait for Murandy’s kids to go to sleep. However, this works to our advantage, I think, because we’re most creative at night and the words seem to flow easier for me at least, after I have eaten. 

So on a writing night, step one is obviously dinner. Then we like to make coffee or tea, or have some chocolates or other sweet snack handy. Cherries are one of our favourites. When we’re together, we like to set up in the Mirror World studio where we have two reclining chairs set up across from our coffee bar. (Sounds fancy, I suppose, but it really isn’t.) For Christmas, Murandy bought us two lap desks, so we each use those with our snacks and coffees on the table between us. 

We write on google drive, each of us on our own laptops, but in the same file at the same time. As we write, we discuss our plans and our characters’ thoughts and feelings. Typically I will set the scene and then Murandy will write what her character, usually the protagonist, is doing, saying or thinking. I respond with description or with the dialogue or actions of any other characters in the scene and so it goes, back and forth. 

We try and always end off at the end of a scene and we always figure out how many words we managed that night, which is usually when you get a post on Facebook or Twitter. And that’s it! Between writing sessions we’ll usually message each other with thoughts and ideas for next time and then we meet up and do it all over again. 

We write fast, so typically three to four months of this and we’ve got a first draft of a manuscript. 

So tell me, what’s your writing ritual?

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  1. Maybe I should stock up on cherries and chocolate to get in the flow of my writing. LOL! Thanks for sharing your writing routine. All the best in your writing endeavors! Cheers!

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