Beyond the Bio with J.A. Dowsett

We’ve gone beyond the bio with David McLain, Sharon Ledwith, and Karen McCreedy, among others, so I guess now it’s my turn! I’m Justine Alley Dowsett, owner of Mirror World Publishing and the author of over ten books and novellas, most of which are available in our store, here. But let’s go beyond the bio, shall we?

I like stories of all kinds. I like to tell them, to experience them and to watch them. When I’m not writing I’m usually playing roleplaying games with my friends, editing or working on something for Mirror World, and occasionally creating something like a painting, or a mascot costume. I like to cook, sew, paint, read, write, and play games. Lately my life’s been taken over by my one year old puppy, Rhea. She’s a handful and demands lots of attention and exercise. 

When I am writing, it’s usually with my sister, Murandy Damodred. We’ve co-written the majority of our novels. We gather either in person or virtually with coffee or tea and snacks and then we spend a few hours lost in our fantasy worlds. When we eventually come up for air, we’ve usually gotten a fair amount of work done. We tend to write very quickly and lose track of time. I think this is because writing for us is like a conversation. We go back and forth and the story takes shape from there. 

On my own I’ve written the young adult science fiction/fantasy Crimson Winter series, book two of which; Lands of Jade, will be re-releasing as a part of Mirror Worlds’ 2022 line up. With Murandy, I’ve written Unintended and Uncharted, both fantasy romances, and the Mirror Worlds series which is complete at four books. For novellas, there’s Fatestorm which is available as a part of Volume 1 of Mirror World’s Far, Far Away Anthology and a science fiction story The Cassini Division which was published in Zombie Pirate Publishing’s The Ringed Giant. 

Currently Murandy and I are revisiting the Mirror Worlds for a possible fifth book in the series, and if I can find the time I’ve still got some editing to do on various projects, most importantly another book set in the world of Ismera; currently titled “Uncommon”. 

As you can see I like to keep busy!

That’s all from me for now, but keep your eyes open in the coming weeks for the announcement of Mirror World’s 2022 line up! We’ve got some great new books coming your way.

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