Sharing the Results… Part 1

Of Mirror World Publishing’s 2022 Market Survey. As you may already be aware, we’re still in the middle of submission season here at Mirror World. That means we’re still reading through the many submission packages being sent to us – thank you by the way – and that means we’re super busy. Even still, I wanted to take the time to review and share with you the results from the survey we asked you to complete for us a while back. So here goes:

Most MW readers prefer paperbacks, but aren’t really picky when it comes to digital vs. print. Good thing we offer both!
Description and cover art are the most important factors our readers consider when looking for their next read.
Fantasy, romance and science fiction. Seems like we’re on the right track, genre-wise!

Forms response chart. Question title: What about subgenres? What kinds of things do you like to read about?. Number of responses: 43 responses.

Romance, mystery, supernatural. Mystery was a surprise. We’ll have to consider getting more of those!

Forms response chart. Question title: What length of stories do you prefer?. Number of responses: 43 responses.

Our readers like novels… go figure!

And that concludes part 1. We’ll share the rest next time. IN the meantime if you want to check out our books for yourself, please head over to our store: and if you’re an author looking to submit to us, please check out our submission guidelines:

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  1. The deciding factors make a lot of sense. A great cover and blurb still rule when it comes to a reader purchasing a book or not. Thanks for sharing these results. Cheers!

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