Mirror World Publishing is still accepting submissions throughout November!

Just a reminder, we will still be accepting general submissions until November 30th, 2021. We’re looking for unique and creative escapism fiction primarily for the young adult, new adult, and adult audiences. We define escapism fiction as books that transport the reader to another world, time, place, or version of reality. Usually that involves some element of fantasy or science fiction, time travel, adventure, or romance and often some combination of those elements. We particularly appreciate character driven stories, strong world-building and engaging openings that hook the reader immediately. For a full list of the genres we do and do not want to see, along with instructions on how and what to send us, please review out submission guidelines carefully on our website: http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com/submissions

In other news, Laurence Raphael Brothers, the author of The Demons of Wall Street and The Demons of the Square Mile, will be making an appearance and doing a reading online at the World Fantasy Convention at 2:30 PM Eastern on November 6.

Then, on November 27th Mirror World will be at the Windsor Sportsmen Club on Dougall Ave from 9:30am to 2:30pm if you would like to stop by, say hello and pick up some books!

Keep reading, writing, editing and submitting and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next author to join the Mirror World family!

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