It’s Launch Day for Sloth the Lazy Dragon by Regan W.H. Macaulay and Alex Zgud!

You may remember Regan W.H. Macaulay from her other children’s picture books like Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast and Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana. In fact, Regan has partnered with illustrator Alex Zgud before for Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese. Now, the pair are back with a re-release of another children’s picture book; Sloth the Lazy Dragon. This time, they’re tackling the theme of wellness and using dragons and dwarves to do so! Check out this great book in our online store, or wherever you buy books!

Join Sloth on his adventure to wellness…

Sloth the Lazy Dragon lives in a mountain atop his hoard of gold and jewels. He believes he has all that a dragon could possibly want, until he meets a brave dwarf named Radish who offers to help him lose weight. With Radish’s guidance, Sloth finds himself eating healthier and getting plenty of exercise. In time, Sloth gains the freedom that his new healthy lifestyle brings, which he discovers is more valuable to him than all the treasure in the world.

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Book Details:

Page Count: 32

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Wellness, Exercise, Nutrition, Food, Heath

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

Publish Date: October 23, 2021

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Mirror World Publishing


Barnes & Noble

Regan W.H. Macaulay is an award-winning author of novels, short stories, children’s literature, and scripts. Writing is her passion, but she’s also a producer and director of theatre, film, and television. She is an animal enthusiast as well, which led her to become a Certified Canine and Feline Massage Therapist. Other picture storybooks include Dog Band, Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana, Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese, Tamara Turtle’s Life So Far, Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast, and Merry Myrrh the Christmas Bat. She is also the author of The Trilogy of Horrifically Half-baked Ham, which includes Space Zombies! (based on her film, Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!— available on Amazon Prime and on DVD), They Suck, and Horror at Terror Creek.

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Alex Zgud is an artist from rural Ontario, currently living in Calgary. She attended the Ontario College of Art & Design, where she majored in drawing and painting, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After finishing school she went on to begin a tattoo apprenticeship, and has since been developing her skills as a tattoo artist. Her preferred media are inks and watercolours.

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