Let the countdown to submissions season begin!

30 days. That’s how long you have to get your submission package ready. That’s right, we’re opening our general submissions period early this year. We’ll be accepting queries from October 1st through November 30th, 2021, so if you’ve got a manuscript you think might be a good fit for us, now’s the time to start getting it ready. 

Here’s what you need to do. 

Step 1: Read the submission guidelines!

You can find our submission guidelines on our website, here. Read through them carefully. We outline as clearly as we can what we’re looking for, what we’re NOT looking for and what we want you to send us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or by sending us a quick email. We’re friendly and we do respond to every query, so please don’t waste our time sending something that we’re explicitly not looking for, you’ll only get an email back stating as much. 

Step 2: Polish your sample

Your sample chapters are very important. They give us an idea of your writing style and the opening especially tells us whether or not your book is going to hook readers and draw them in. They can also give us an idea of how much work your manuscript needs in the editing department. So do your manuscript a favour and put your best foot forward. Make it shine and make a good impression! 

Step 3: Write your Query and Synopsis

Your query letter is your pitch to us. Sell your book. Tell us what makes it different and interesting and what about it will hook readers. Show us your style in a short, punchy blurb, then tell us a little bit about yourself.

For the synopsis, just tell us the story in simple terms in a page or less.

Step 4: Send us your submission packet between Oct 1 and Nov 30

Send us what we ask for, no more and no less and do it inside the submission window or you risk us turning your manuscript away on a technicality. We get A LOT of manuscripts every year, so we’ve dedicated a specific window of time to going through them all and by the end of it we’re honestly burnt out. So get your manuscripts in early if you can as we’re more likely to review it closely while we still have the energy to do so. 

And that’s it!
We respond to every submission within six to eight weeks with a personal response and we try to provide feedback or at least explain why the manuscript didn’t work for us and what your next steps should be. So even if we don’t accept your manuscript this season, submitting it to us should still prove valuable to you. 

If you need more help than what I’ve listed here, try entering the subject of your question in the search bar. We’ve got articles on query letters, writing strong openings, what to include in your submission package, and more. We also have several YouTube videos on our channel that you may find helpful.

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