Far, Far Away Anthology Bonus story: Fatestorm

Over the past weeks, we’ve introduced the authors whose short stories and novellas won a place in our Far, Far Away Anthology which launches June 17th, 2021. We’ve introduced L.R. Braden, Shana Scott, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Brittni Brinn, Kelly D. Holmes, and Buddy Young. But there’s still one story in the anthology we haven’t talked about yet; Fatestorm. 

Murandy and I wrote Fatestorm in May last year and decided to include it as a bonus story in Far, Far Away. It’s a fantasy/romance novella set in the early years of the Roman Empire and we hope you’ll enjoy it when you pick up your copy of the Far, Far Away Anthology: 7 Stories in 7 Realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction, which you can pre-order now from our store or on amazon!

Here’s the blurb: 

Praefecti Alton Rendall is tasked with subjugating the Lumen people for the glory of Rome. Deneige Audra wants nothing more than to see her people free. They’re on opposite sides in a devastating war, yet their coming together may have the power to change everything.

Justine Alley Dowsett and Murandy Damodred write together. They’ve completed eight novels, two novellas, and a few short stories. They also attended the University of Windsor, attained BAs in Dramatic Arts, and founded Mirror World Publishing together. They both love role-playing and living vicariously through their characters and they live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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