Meet Far, Far Away Contest Winner: Barend Nieuwstraten III

In preparation for the launch of our Far, Far Away Anthology on June 17th, we’re introducing each of the winning authors from our contest last summer. We’ve already introduced L.R. Braden and Shana Scott, so this week it is my pleasure to feature Barend Nieuwstraten and his novella, Black Spire Isles.

Black Spire Isles is a fantasy novella set in a rich and unique world full of mystery. Here’s the description:

The infamous Black Spire Isles are known for wrecking ships, though few know what becomes of those marooned there as none are willing to mount a rescue that would only claim more ships. For a small group of survivors of one unfortunate ship, they are about to discover answers that none within the known world could ever hope to discover.

Barend Nieuwstraten III has been working on a collection of works set within a single fantasy world, currently working on stories ranging from flash fiction and short stories to stand alone novels as well as an epic series.

He has worked in film, short film, television, music, and comic formats. His writing experience has mainly been in comedy (sketches/comics) and music (lyrics), but is now focused on High Fantasy, that sometimes delves into horror.

He grew up and lives in Sydney, Australia where he was born to Dutch and Indian immigrants.

You can pre-order the Far, Far Away Anthology in Paperback or Ebook Form from the Mirror World Bookstore, or from Amazon.

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