Far, Far Away is almost here!

The idea to make a Mirror World anthology was born a few years ago, but at the time, I had only dabbled in writing shorter stories and the majority of the Mirror World authors are novelists. In short, we were missing the talent we needed to pull something like this off. 

So we decided to run a contest and find the kind of talented writers we needed to provide glimpses into other worlds, with hopes that we could produce an anthology for the kinds of readers who like shorter escapes or who are looking to sample the kinds of stories Mirror World Publishing can provide without committing to a longer work. 

We put the call out and you answered. What a joy it was for our judges to read stories set in so many creative creative worlds. Thanks again to Christian Laforet, Erika Jones, Murandy Damodred, and Robert Dowsett for all of your hard work and thoughtful responses. 

We were able to narrow the list down, and then to pick our winners. Congratulations again to: 

L.R Braden for “Piece of Mind” 

Shana Scott for “Songs and Superstitions” 

Barend Nieuwstraten III for “Black Spire Isles” 

Brittni Brinn for “Field Notes from the Unknown Planet” 

Kelly D. Holmes for “The Colour of Roses” 

And Buddy Young for “The Prime Crusade”

Of course, we’ll also be including the bonus story, “Fatestorm”, by myself (J.A. Dowsett) and Murandy Damodred. 

We’ve been in production on this anthology for about a year now, but as the launch date is quickly approaching, we’ll be revealing the cover art and officially kicking off the pre-order phase April 16th. You can get your first look at the cover here on this blog, as a part of the blog tour run by Sapphyria’s Promotions, or by signing up for our newsletter, facebook page, or Twitter. Then pre-order your ebook or paperback copy either from our store, or from amazon. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring the fantastic authors of the stories included in the Far, Far Away Anthology as well as sharing sneak peeks into the content, so please subscribe if you haven’t already or check back often. We hope you’re looking forward to this latest Mirror World release as we are!

Thanks for reading.

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