Beyond the Bio: Regan W.H. Macaulay

Regan W.H. Macaulay is our most prolific children’s picture book author. She’s written Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast and Beverlee Beaz, the Brown Burmese (french and english). She’s a part of the team behind Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana, and we’ll be bringing you her latest picture book, Sloth the Lazy Dragon, later this year. You can find her books in our store, or on Amazon.

As a part of our ‘Beyond the Bio’ series, we’ve asked Regan to share a little bit about herself. Take it away, Regan!

So, I’m Regan, and obviously, I’m a writer (who has been fortunate to have had a few picture books published by Mirror World Publishing). I also blog and do interviews for content on my various websites. I’m a Certified Canine and Feline Massage Therapist, and I perform Pet Reiki as well—as if my love for animals wasn’t obvious enough in my books! I’ve produced a feature film and a number of live theatrical plays over the years, and hope to do so again in future. Hobbies? Well, caring for my amphibious and fish pets in their terrarium, aquarium and paludarium (half land and half water aquarium) gives me much pleasure. Reading, television, and film, though part of my career are also my pastimes. I have participated a number of races for exercise and to collect fancy medals. When we’re out from under this COVID cloud, road trips and other travelling with my husband will be back in play!

My writing process differs from project to project. I’ve rattled off some picture books quite quickly, then sent off these fast drafts to editors right away, but some have taken a lot more time and back and forth between myself and beta readers, followed by back and forth with publishers and editors. I’ve written play scripts and screenplays during downtime at retail and vet jobs I’ve held in the past. I wrote Mixter Twizzle’s Breakfast in iambic pentameter first before revising it into regular prose. Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana actually took the longest to finish, as far as my picture books are concerned, due to all the input from a number of editors and other readers (not to mention going back and forth with my co-writer, who is also my husband). My novella adaptations where drafted out with the screenplays sitting right there beside me as I rewrote line by line. I’ve co-written a number of my screenplays and plays, which can be a team in the room or remote team approach.

I love children’s literature. I love to read it and I love to write it. That’s why I write picture books and novels for young folk. The children’s literature genre (as well as the speculative fiction genre in general, which I favour in both children’s and adult literature) allows for anthropomorphic and fantastical characters, which is a high priority for me. So, I have books about a dragon, a Burmese cat, a bat, a turtle, a cactus, and a little monster as title characters. What’s coming next? Well, this March my picture book Dog Band about four dogs who decide to form a band and ask their assortment of animal friends what kind of music they should play will be published by Iguana Books. Then in the Fall, Mirror World is re-publishing my picture book Sloth the Lazy Dragon—and Pandamonium Publishing is republishing Merry Myrrh the Christmas Bat (so close together, in fact, that they will share a relaunch party). Two years from now, look for book one of my first middle-grade novel series Peter Little Wing, set in New Zealand and starring Peter, a Southern Fiordland Tokoeka Kiwi.

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  1. Great bio, Regan! You’re one productive and amazing author. I need to take a breath to keep up with you! LOL! Congrats on your new book Dog Band, and wishing you much success with your re-releases through Mirror World. Cheers!

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