New Year, New Releases!

Welcome to 2021, Mirror World Fans! Now that we’re all collectively emerging out of the darkness that was 2020, let’s kick off 2021 right. And the best way to do that is to list what we have to look forward to. We’ve got a great line up of new releases starting in March with the second installment of the Nora Simeon Investigations series.

Nora Simeon is a sassy, bad-ass, occult investigator who HATES demons. Unfortunately for her, rogue demons keep cropping up where they’re not supposed to be! In Vol. 1, The Demons of Wall Street, Nora followed the trail of a demon who escaped ’employment’ in the financial sector which led her into all sorts of trouble and a little bit of fun. Now, Nora Simeon and her overly handsome partner, Eyre, are back and this time they are headed to London, England to uncover the real story behind the whole Brexit fiasco. Could demons be involved? Find out in The Demons of the Square Mile by Laurence Raphael Brothers, launching March 17th. Pre-order and cover reveal coming mid-February.

Next up is the second instalment of the Crimson Winter trilogy. In Vol. 1, Ruins of Sapphire, Japanese high schooler, Yukari Namikoya, was transported to the desert world of Crimson Winter, proclaimed the Chosen of the gem god Sapphiros and tasked with the monumental task of saving the planet from the cruelty of the Vile Emporer. Now, Yukari and her friends have made an alliance with the last fertile nation, the Kingdom of Taiyou and they’ve taken on the duty of protecting it. Will their newfound powers be enough and can they gain the assistance they need before the Vile Emperor attacks? Find out in Lands of Jade by J.A. Dowsett, launching May 17th. Pre-order and cover reveal coming mid-April.

This summer we have something really special planned! The release of the winning stories from the Far, Far Away Anthology contest. Featuring seven authors, the anthology will include a mix of short stories and novellas set in seven different realms of fantasy and science fiction. There will be distant planets, far away galaxies, newly imagined worlds, alternate realities, and recreated visions of both past and present. This is a collection you won’t want to miss. Tour the cosmos with us in Far, Far Away; Seven Stories in Seven Realms of Fantasy and Science Fiction, launching this Summer.

Then as summer winds down we have a collaboration from the talent behind The Time Travellers’ Resort and Museum, David McLain, and A Bestiary Alphabet, Felix Eddy. This talented husband and wife duo have taken on a children’s picture book based on the imagination of their youngest daughter, Tabitha. Keep an eye out for this gem, Tabitha Won’t Sleep, launching in August. Pre-Order and Cover reveal in July.

Fall is the perfect time to time travel, isn’t it? Sharon Ledwith, time travelling author and sleuth extraordinaire certainly thinks so! In her next masterpiece, the third installment in her time travelling series for teens, The Last Timekeepers, the timekeepers travel to Antebellum, Georgia and are faced with the evils of slavery in the deep south. Can the timekeepers keep time safe from Belial’s evil plans in such a dark period in Amercian history? Find out in The Last Timekeepers and the Noble Slave by Sharon Ledwith, launching September 17th. Cover reveal and Pre-order in August.

Last, but not least, we have yet another Children’s picture book by the talented Regan W.H. Macaulay and Alex Zgud. You may remember this duo from Beverlee the Brown Burmese and its french translation Beverlee, la Chatte de Birmanie. This time, the main character is a dragon who lives in a cave lazily hoarding his gold. Tackling body image and healthy lifestyles, Sloth the Lazy Dragon launches in the Fall.

And that’s it! Please let us know which one (or more) of these new releases you’re looking forward to the most and if you have any requests for future releases so we know what kinds of books to look out for. Thanks for reading and all the best for 2021!

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