We made it! Our novelette won a contest!

Back in May, Murandy and I we just finishing up Fatestorm (a novella we plan to include in the Far, Far Away Anthology) when we got word of a writing contest called Zombie Pirate Writing Week. Run by Zombie Pirate Publishing, the concept behind the contest was to plan, write, and edit a novelette of 12,500 to 15,000 words and submit it in 7 days. I consulted with Murandy and she was up for the challenge, so we wrapped up Fatestorm just in time for the contest to start.

The theme was given to kick the contest off: Saturn, either the planet or the god. I drew a blank. I panicked for a bit, then I slept on it. By the next morning, I had an idea: Solar sailing pirates on the Rings of Saturn. I immediately turned to wikipedia and started researching Saturn, and its rings in particular.

That whole first day, I learned about the Cassini Division, the gap between the two densest of Saturn’s rings named after the man who first discovered that there were multiple rings, and the probe named Cassini that was sent there to study Saturn and its moons.

That’s when I decided what if, instead of a probe, Earth launched ship full of colonists named the Cassini headed for Saturn’s largest and most distant moon, Titan? And what if that ship never made it but instead became stranded in the Cassini Division? Would the colonists survive? How would they build their society?

And from these questions, a novelette was born. The next day, Murandy and I started to write. Four days later, the first draft was complete and on the second to last day, I went over it to smooth it out as best I could. On the last day, Robert had a go through it to give me some feedback and I made some more alterations. Then it was time to send it off.

And just like that, the whirlwind adventure of The Cassini Division was complete!

We were very pleased to learn that we made the short list and now we have the pleasure of announcing that The Cassini Division has been accepted for the anthology The Ringed Giant! Release date is still TBA but we will keep you informed as things progress. We hope you’ll consider reading it when it comes out.

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