We open for general submissions again starting November 1st, 2020

That’s right, in just six days (maybe less, depending on when you read this) on November 1st, 2020 our annual submission period opens and will remain open until December 24th at midnight. So if you’re a writer looking to publish a novel, novella, or children’s book that fits into our definition of escapism fiction this is your call to action. We promise to review each and every query we receive between the above mentioned dates and respond within six to eight weeks.

Should you choose to submit we ask that you please review our submission guidelines and follow the directions you find there. If you need or want help putting together your submission package, there are various articles on the subject here on this blog and we have released a whole series of helpful YouTube videos on writing, submitting, and publishing, so please don’t hesitate to check those out.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the kinds of books we publish by visiting our online bookstore. A good way to tell if your book would be a good fit for a publisher or agent is to check to see if your book is in any way similar to the kinds of work they already represent.

Once you’ve determined your manuscript would potentially be a good fit for Mirror World and Mirror World potentially a good fit for you, we’re asking that you send us a personalized query letter. By that we mean something that’s been written purposefully for us, and not just a generic letter you intend to send to multiple places. Your query letter needs to tell us the genre of your manuscript, the target market you have in mind for it, the word count, and a compelling description of the basic premise of your story. If you can tell us why you think your book fits our escapist themes, that would be a bonus.

Along with your query letter please send us a one-page synopsis of the story which reveals the ending as well as the first three chapters (or equivalent) so we can get a sense of your writing and determine if the story engages us right from the beginning.

Once our team has gone over your submission we will respond with either a request to review the rest of the manuscript or a short letter detailing why we feel the manuscript isn’t ready for publishing and what you can do to improve upon it, or why we feel the story you have written is not the right fit for us.

The founders of Mirror World are authors too. We know firsthand that writing a book is a labour of love and that sharing it with the world is an act of bravery. We respect that and we appreciate the trust you place in us by sending us your work. We can only choose a very small number of books to publish each year, so we hope you can understand that we have to be very selective and to not let a no from us discourage you in anyway from continuing to write, edit, polish, and submit again and again.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Mirror World Publishing, our submission process, or publishing in general, we hope you’ll consider attending our LIVE YouTube Q&A Session on November 1st at 3PM EST. The link to our YouTube Channel can be found HERE so you can subscribe and click the bell to be notified when the video goes live.

Thanks for reading and we hope you will consider submitting to us and sharing this post with your writer friends so they can do so! Oh, and if you want to leave a question for us to respond to in our YouTube video you can do so in the comments below!

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