Congratulations to all of our Winners!

Thank you again to all who entered and to our judges for their hard work and dedication. As the judges could tell you, this was not an easy decision to make.

Something you should know about how we work here at Mirror World. Each year, we set out to publish 3-5 books and we usually end up taking on 6 or more. It’s happened so many times, it’s practically tradition by this point. 

When we planned this contest, we decided there would be 4-6 stories in the anthology. The variation was to keep the total word count in mind as we knew some stories might be novellas of 25K words and some would be short stories nearer to 5K words. So as you might have guessed, we’ve outdone ourselves again. We just simply could not choose between two of the stories and it just wouldn’t be a Mirror World project if we didn’t challenge ourselves! 

With that in mind, we are proud to be able to announce the winners of our 2020 Anthology Contest! We’ve settled on the following six stories by six extremely talented authors: 

The stories range across every escapism genre imaginable, from alternate history to as yet to be discovered fantasy worlds to the far flung reaches of the galaxy. And as a bonus, Murandy Damodred and I have written a novella called Fatestorm which we plan to include in the anthology as well. Which means, when the Far, Far Away Anthology comes out next summer it will include 7 stories set in 7 different wildly unique worlds across the realms of time, space, and the imagination!

We hope you will consider picking up a copy as an ebook or paperback when this anthology comes out and join us in celebrating these great authors and all their hard work. In the meantime, you can help us by spreading the word and getting people excited about Mirror World’s very first Anthology!

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