Setbacks and Delays…

Unfortunately, these seem to be the themes of this year so far. With the world facing such troubles, it probably comes as no surprise that we too have been affected. Without the ability to attend in-person events, to host launch parties or book signings, to sell our books at marketplaces, and to connect with our local audience, our business has suffered. Even still, we recognize that we are certainly not the only small business suffering and in many ways we are more fortunate than most as a lot of our business is done online. 

What I want to let you know is that we’ve had some trouble this year keeping up with our release schedule. One of our artists has been personally affected by the pandemic and for that reason we’ve had to postpone the launch of Mirror’s Despair, the fourth and final installment in the Mirror Worlds series by myself and Murandy Damodred. At this time, we’re not sure when the new launch date will be. The artist is taking things one day at a time, and therefore so are we. We will let you know the new launch date, and the date for the cover reveal, when we know. 

In the meantime, we’ll be focusing our attention on the judging of our 2021 Anthology Contest entries. You still have time to enter that if you’re interested in submitting your work to us. You can find the entry form here:

We’ll also be working on preparing Unreachable Skies Vol. 3, entitled Ascent by Karen McCreedy which is coming your way September 17th, with the cover reveal in mid-august. And of course there’s also Libby the Lobivia Jajoiana by Kevin Risk, Regan W.H. Macaulay and Gord Bagshaw which we have officially scheduled to launch October 1st with a LIVE online cover reveal event on Tuesday, September 1st at 7pm EST. More details to come on that as things develop! 

We’re doing our best to keep moving forward and keep creating despite the obstacles life puts in our path and we hope you’re able to do the same. We know things can get tough and that’s one of the reasons we exist, so if you need or want to escape while staying where you are, our books are great for that. And, we’re giving one away to each person who uses the discount code: FREEBOOK in our online store. So give us a try. A new world awaits!

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  1. Sorry to hear this news, Justine and Murandy, but you know what they say: Everything happens for the best! So all the best when you’ve got a date to launch your final installment of the Mirror World series. Cheers!

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