Anthology Contest: Extended Deadline

For some of us, being encouraged to stay home has resulted in a productive time creatively, but for others, the opposite is true. In recognition of the difficult and unprecedented times facing the world, we have decided to extend the deadline for entries into our Far, Far Away Anthology contest. You now have officially until the end of the Summer, August 31st, to get us your short stories, novelettes, and novellas! 

Here are the contest details: 

WHO: Anyone can enter! The great thing about this contest is you don’t have to be a pro, or have a completely polished manuscript to enter. We’re more interested in a good story and an interesting setting. Show us your potential and we’ll help you get your story ready for publication. 

WHAT: We’re looking for 5000 to 25000 word stories that are set in another time, place, or version of reality. We want escapism with a focus on world building! 

WHERE: Complete this form to enter:

WHEN: As mentioned earlier, you have until August 31st to enter. We will announce the winning entries in the fall and the anthology will be published and released sometime in 2021. 

HOW: Just write, have a few friends read your story, edit it to the best of your abilities, then send it to us! We’ll help you with the rest if we choose your entry for our anthology so don’t stress over it. 

Now, the best part: We will choose a minimum of 4 stories to be included in the anthology and over the course of the next year we will work with those four lucky writers to polish the winning entries and get them ready for publication. 

You may have noticed that we are collecting an $15 CAD entry fee. I can understand how this might be a turn off for some writers, but please understand this money is going in its entirety towards the production of this anthology and will be equally divided between all the winning entries and the cover artist that we select to custom design the cover. That’s it. We’re not keeping a single penny. 

So, to summarize, the winning authors get: 

  • Their stories workshopped, edited, and published by a legitimate traditional-style publishing house
  • A share of all the entry fees as a cash prize
  • Publication in our Far, Far Away Anthology, released sometime in 2021. 
  • A complimentary printed copy of our Far, Far Away Athology and the ability to purchase unlimited additional copies at wholesale price. 
  • And Bragging rights!

So if this all sounds good to you, I suggest you get to writing or sprucing up an older work. Just as long as its original and unpublished and meets our genre and length guidelines! 

The judges are waiting eagerly to read your stories, so please send them along! We look forward to working with you. 

Enter here:

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